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To book a table or make a take-away order, give us a ring on 0117 9838101. You can also email us a

You can find us at 31 Regent Street, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4HR.

31 Regent Street, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4HR

0117 9838101

What are Pappadom Points?

We want to reward our lovely customers for eating the delicious food we love to make! Earn Pappadom Points each time you order online with us directly, and then redeem these points for a discount on your online order. In 3 simple steps you can earn Pappadom Points to make your meal even more satisfying!

Register Your Account

To claim your Pappadom Points, you’ll need to register an account using the form on this page which will sign you up for all our exclusive email offers. We’ll even give you 150 pappadom points just for registering!

Earn Pappadom Points!

  1. When you order online direct at, you’ll earn Pappadom Points.
  2. For every £1 spent, you’ll earn 5 Pappadom Points!
  3. Each Pappadom Point is equal to 1 pence (so 100 points = £1)
  4. You will see your Pappadom Points accrued at the top of the check out stage
  5. Complete your purchase to earn your Pappadom Points!


  1. Once you have earned your Pappadom Points, they are yours to use on your future orders. You can then use them on your next order to obtain a discount depending on how many points you have.
  2. You can also save these points up and use them when you wish to do so!

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